Hi I’m Sheri, the dreamer behind Biscuits, Bacon & Jam. The company was born from a desire to create things that I would want to wear (like, t-shirts) and use (like, mugs) with an uplifting message.

But what does the name Biscuits, Bacon & Jam have to do with that? Glad you asked!

When the company was formed, the “why” was solid. I knew why I wanted to do it, but it was missing a name. I’m a Christian and I love, Love, LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t want a churchy company name though, like Apostle Paul Apparel or Mercy Mugs and Shirts. They are respectable names, but I wanted something a little more… fun! Something that would make people smile.

One morning while still looking for a name it came to us. Us is me and my husband Brian. He’s awesome. He’s a tech guru who is super hilarious. Usually those two things don’t go hand in hand. Anyway, he’s very creative and innovative in his own way. A gem. So much so that I married him six weeks to the day that we met. Seriously. Another story for another day.

Where was I? Oh, yes. I was still struggling to find a name. Brian had just made this fabulous breakfast for us. Yes, he cooks too. I told you he’s a total gem. He made these amazing biscuits called Butter Swim Biscuits. Delightful. Google the recipe and thank me later.

We also had eggs. He cooks his eggs low and slow and they are delish. We also had bacon and some strawberry preserves. We were out of the grape jam that he likes, but the preserves are just as good to me.

So we’re eating and I’m struggling and I’m simultaneously raving about the deliciousness on my plate, and my beautiful man blurted out, “How about Biscuits, Bacon and Jam?”

And that, my friends, is why I married him so quickly. God was all up in it too, so that helped. But isn’t that great? He let the name roll off his tongue so easily like it was not a big deal.

Doesn’t the name make you smile? Close your eyes and imagine hot, buttery biscuits. Don’t you feel comforted? Imagine putting some jam on those hot biscuits. And isn’t everything better with bacon? Seriously.

It was done deal. As they say, the rest is history!

Now, go forth and shop away!